Monday, February 21, 2011

Runcuf–Best Invention Ever

OK, you guys know how I feel about wearing the minimum amount of things on my person while running. If it’s above 30 degrees I’m in shorts and a singlet. It has to be freezing for me to wear a jacket or even sleeves. I can’t stand hydration or race belts. Seriously can’t stand them. I tolerate a hand held for water but I usually complain the entire time I’m carrying it.

So when Serene and I came across Runcuf at the Austin Marathon Expo I was a little hesitant. Basically it’s a cuff that goes on your arm. It has 4 pockets (I think). One of them big enough for your phone. It fits snugly on your arm and is completely waterproof. Very comfortable. The only reason I even looked at it was because I knew the race was going to be hard. Serene had a hamstring injury and I just got over pneumonia. Neither of us had been training properly (or at all) and thought it would be nice to take our phones with us. Just in case.

So we both bought one at the expo and wore it the next day. And yes, I know. I know. Nothing new on race day. Whatever. This race was going to be miserable ever way.

And you know what? I loved it. Totally loved it. It never once bothered me. I loved having my phone with me. Not that I used it during the race but I did before and after. There was no reason to bag check. I could have had my key in there and maybe even a gel. But that might have been pushing it. Either way…I totally recommend it!!!

Unfortunately the only place in Texas to find them is RunTex. So for all you Dallas people, start calling Luke’s and RunOn and ask for them to start selling RUNCUF!!



Don’t they kind of look tough?! I totally felt like Wonder Woman.

Run Austin

LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon 2011

This was Austin Marathon’s 20th anniversary. And the first year that LIVESTRONG was it’s sponsor. They did a great job overall, although the race has always seemed to be well put together. This was my first year to participate. I have been many times before when my dad was running the full but my first time to run the half.


First and foremost, I love Austin. It’s a fun city full of interesting people and great history. The course was beautiful with only a few miles of boring scenery. We started and finished in front of The Capitol.


The course was hilly. VERY HILLY. I guess you would expect that of Austin but in the past the course has always been somewhat flat. Fast even. But not anymore. I would compare it to Tyler’s course. Not quiet as hard but almost. There was actually one hill around mile 11 that was almost comical. I mean, not while you were trying to get up it, but after. It was so steep it was almost impossible to run. In fact, of all the 50 or so people around us, not 1 was running. You just couldn’t. And it was painful to walk. So painful that several people were going up backwards just to save their hamstrings. I thought about doing the same thing but figured I would fall and break something if I tried to turn around.

Overall it was a great weekend. The race experience was great. The course was hell. There were a few hiccups but not many. Like the water stations were a little chaotic and the finisher shirt pickup was just plain craziness but those are both things that can be easily corrected next year. I would definitely do this one again. Now that I know what I’m getting into anyway.




A huge acknowledgement needs to go to Serene for finishing this race strong, not only upright but in great time considering the hamstring injury she has. Seriously, it’s a big deal so tell her congrats.

Favorite signs of the race:




and my favorite…


Favorite because that’s one of the biggest reasons why I do this. To show my children that I can do great things. Maybe the biggest reason. To show that I am not just a mom or a wife. That I am not just the fixer of snacks and the washer of clothes. That I am a strong woman and I can do anything I set out to do. And so can they.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Toenails are for sissies, Part 2

Do you remember when I briefly thought it would be better if I just had my toenails surgically removed? Then I read this article in the NY Times about what is entailed and decided I wasn’t even remotely hardcore enough for that. Yea, I’m kind of rethinking it.

The left corner of the toenail on my big toe has been black since The Tyler Rose Half. Not really a big deal since 6 of my toenails were already black and falling off anyway. My feet are always in a constant state of pain and swelling. I’m used to it. So no big deal, right? Wrong. Because only half of this toe is bruised. The other half is completely fine. And the bruised half came off today. And I don’t mean that I lost just a small part of my toenail and the bottom half is still there. NO. That would be some how easier to disguise. No, I am missing the entire left side on my big toenail. Split right down the middle. Gross. And what was under that part of the nail is a lumpy, disgusting mess of a deformity. All the red paint if the world couldn’t hide it. I would seriously post a pic if I didn’t think it would make you throw up all over your keyboards. Seriously.

And I know. I know. I’ve heard it all - Change your shoes. Change your socks. Change your form. I’ve talked to every “professional” I come across and they all same the same thing. It’s just the way you run. Unless you want to change the way you run you have to just deal with it. Well, other than the toenails, I run pretty injury free so I’m not messing with anything. BUT that’s totally not going to stop me from complaining about it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011