Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dallas 13.1 Marathon

The inaugural race of the Dallas 13.1 Marathon series was this morning. I've been pretty excited for this race. I've been feeling great lately and just wanted to enjoy the day.

As excited as I was I still did pretty much everything wrong yesterday. I completely forgot I had a race the next day during lunch out with the office. I ate a huge thing of red beans and rice. Not really race friendly. And I didn't eat dinner until super late that night. AND maybe the worst of all...I didn't plan may race outfit until about 10:00pm. I blame it on the fact that it was a Saturday race. It completely threw me off.

Anyway, I was up at 4:50am. Out the door to meet Serene at 5:30am. And we were off by 5:50am. We arrived at the race around 6:20am. Plenty of time for a 7:30am start, right? Well, no. We tried to park in the free parking designated on the website but it was full. We opted for a public lot that was $5. We parked and walked over to the place where you used to stick your $5 in the little slot. Remember when you used to have to do that? Well, now they have a little ATM looking machine where you pay. And the line. OH THE LINE. It was longer than any porta potty line you could imagine. But no big deal. We had over an hour before the start. Except it took 50 minutes to get through that line. And all the lots around had the same line so moving the car wasn't an option. We finally paid and ran to the start. Luckily it was super close. BUT. We had to make a porta potty stop. Had to. So we got in another line. And in that line we heard the gun go off and watched the race start without us. But we had no choice. There was no way we could start a race without a porta potty stop.

So we started 5 minutes later than everyone else. They were actually closing the gate to the start when we approached. That has to be the first time I've started a race with no crowd around me. It was strange.

For the first 2 miles Serene and I just ran. Fast. We knew how stupid it was but we couldn't stand the idea of being so far behind. Our first couple of miles were in the 8:30ish pace. Stupid. But we just kept going. We didn't keep up that 8:30 pace but we stayed pretty fast. And we ran the entire race together. Had the most hilarious conversations. It was a great time. The last couple were hard. We paid for the quick start but we made it. And when we were in the final shoot I looked at my watch and realized that I had about 60 seconds left to still PR. So we sprinted. FAST. It must have been pretty funny to watch us coming in that fast. It was crazy. But we both PR'd so it was a pretty great day.

I can't wait to see the official race picture. In the mean time here are the only 2 pics I have of the day...

Offical time: 2:08:13

23 seconds faster than RnR Dallas last March

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  1. A great run under difficult conditions. Sometimes this is when you have tilt best races.