Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wounded Warrior - Race Recap

It's been a week since Wounded Warrior Half Marathon and I am just now getting around to a recap. It's been a crazy week. I feel like I've been constantly one step behind. Probably because I have been.

Anyway, here goes...

It was hot. Really really hot. Not quite as hot as Too Hot to Handle last year. But hot. And since I didn't really go into this with any expectations there was no real way I could be disappointed. And I wasn't. I walked a little more than I would have liked. But that's not really even true. I don't think I really care that I walked. I was just trying to get through the heat without being too horribly miserable. And I did. My knee started hurting around mile 8. That was pretty miserable but I survived. It's still hurting a bit now so I guess I'm gonna have to see someone about the pain. Maybe. :)

It was a great race and a great organization. Not super big but SO well put together. I will most definitely run this one again next year.

Race outfit laid out the night before

Pre-race - Serene, me, Dianna, and Robin

Pre-race - Meg, Serene, me, Dianna, Robin, and Tammy

Post-race - very very sweaty and hot

Yea, that's us - armed and dangerous.

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  1. at least you've done a race recap...I still haven't gotten around to it. Keep thinking about it!