Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not a great day but…

Cowtown Half Marathon 2011


I think going into this one I secretly wanted some vindication for last weekends performance in Austin. Oh but it wasn’t to be. In fact, now I need vindication for this on as well. (If you were sitting in my office right then, you would have heard an audible sigh.)

I don’t really have a reason for it. No excuses. It was just a bad day. My heart wasn’t in it. So I will just talk about the race itself. I love Ft. Worth. It’s a big city with such a small town feel. Parking was a breeze. And tons available that was free and not 5 miles away. The start was easy. The corrals moved smoothly. The course wasn’t that pretty but we did run through the stockyards so that was fun. It just seemed to be extremely well organized. After you crossed the finish line you got your medal then were directed into another building. There was a little bit of a line but nothing bad. At that point, you were given a plastic bag and sent down an assembly line where volunteers stuffed food items. Yogurt, bananas, crackers, packages of donuts, oranges, water, Poweraide, and more. It was genius. How many times have you wanted the food but didn’t have the strength or free hands to lug it around. Seriously, loved that we got a bag to carry it all in. Then the finisher shirts were in another building. Again, small line but nothing horrible. Such an easy morning. I mean, except for the running part.

BUT I did fill the empty hook on my new super cool medal display that I bought at the Austin Expo last weekend. It was a birthday present to myself and I have to say it was the perfect gift. The hook was only empty for a week but it was seriously taunting me. I couldn’t have made it a day longer.