Saturday, February 5, 2011

Toenails are for sissies, Part 2

Do you remember when I briefly thought it would be better if I just had my toenails surgically removed? Then I read this article in the NY Times about what is entailed and decided I wasn’t even remotely hardcore enough for that. Yea, I’m kind of rethinking it.

The left corner of the toenail on my big toe has been black since The Tyler Rose Half. Not really a big deal since 6 of my toenails were already black and falling off anyway. My feet are always in a constant state of pain and swelling. I’m used to it. So no big deal, right? Wrong. Because only half of this toe is bruised. The other half is completely fine. And the bruised half came off today. And I don’t mean that I lost just a small part of my toenail and the bottom half is still there. NO. That would be some how easier to disguise. No, I am missing the entire left side on my big toenail. Split right down the middle. Gross. And what was under that part of the nail is a lumpy, disgusting mess of a deformity. All the red paint if the world couldn’t hide it. I would seriously post a pic if I didn’t think it would make you throw up all over your keyboards. Seriously.

And I know. I know. I’ve heard it all - Change your shoes. Change your socks. Change your form. I’ve talked to every “professional” I come across and they all same the same thing. It’s just the way you run. Unless you want to change the way you run you have to just deal with it. Well, other than the toenails, I run pretty injury free so I’m not messing with anything. BUT that’s totally not going to stop me from complaining about it.


  1. Oh no! I haven't had the big toes affected yet. That sounds awful. Still can't find another downside to running, except the toenail issue. I'm just wondering how many times they can fall off before they don't grow back at all. Hope it heals soon.

  2. My big toe still hasn't grown back from San Antonio. I miss my big toe nail, it was lovely while it lasted!