Friday, January 7, 2011

Not a great way to start 2011

I'm sick.

I never get sick. But I am sick. For over a week. So I guess I should say that I rarely get sick. Instead of never. I have the occasional allergies but nothing major. Ever. Until New Year's Eve...

Late that afternoon I started aching all over. It was weird. I had no other symptoms. Just a body aches. Now, right there a normal person would have thought - flu. But see, I'm not normal. I've never had the flu. My kids have never had the flu. I'm sure my husband has but he gets sick like a normal person. So I didn't know. I just thought maybe I was getting a cold. So I woke up at 6:00am the next morning and began getting ready for the New Year's Day Half Marathon. I so did NOT want to go. I have never been tempted not to run in something I've signed up for until now. I did NOT want to go. But I went. I felt horrible but I went. It was New Year’s Day. How could I start my year off not doing something that I’ve committed to do?

It was a small race. 200 people at The Trails of Watters Creek in Allen, TX. And it was freezing. 20 degrees outside. Only warming up to the 30's by the end of the race. I actually felt dread when the gun went off. No excitement. Just dread. Serene and I met up around mile 3. We were both miserable. My chest was killing me and I wanted to quit. Her knee was killing her and she wanted to quit. There are no good things to say about it. At one point, when I was complaining about my symptoms, she said "You sound like you have the flu" What? Maybe. I guess I always thought there was more to the flu. I don’t know.

We both finished the race together. As many times as we’ve run together, we’ve never actually crossed a finish line at the same time. It was nice. We have no pictures of our day. I did take the below pic with my iPhone of the medal. See the arrow…


Will I run this again next year? I don’t know. The course was pretty but it was an out and back. I’m never that found of an out and back. Plus this one had a TON of u-turns. Tons. If you have any type of knee, ankle, or foot injury, u-turns are never good for that. My arch was screaming at me by the end. But it was small and that was really nice. Plus parking was a breeze. We literally sat in our warm cars until it was time to start and then sprinted to the start. So easy. AND we got two tech shirts. TWO. A short sleeve and a long sleeve. That was a really nice surprise.

Soooooo I hope this is not a sign of what is to come for 2011. I hope this was just a hurdle that I somehow had to get over to start the awesomeness that is soon to begin. Yea, let’s go with that theory…

New Years Day Half Marathon – 2:14:15


  1. Sorry about being sick. We will be able to increase the race cap above 200 next year since I won't have a one-month old baby and can devote the resources to putting on a bigger event. This means we'll be able to afford to pay police and go out on the roads, and I'm excited as everyone else to get rid of those loop-de-loops we had to do to get 13.1 miles out of the trail. Hope you are feeling better!
    By the way, you don't have a good picture of you at the finish, but I have a fantastic one of you with Serene and another girl from the finish line photographer, and it may make its way onto a brochure or our website. It's a great pic!

    -- Libby, Race Founder / Race Director

  2. Thanks Libby! I forgot we had our picture taken at the end. I'm going to have to look that one up. I hope the race doesn't get too big! Parking really was SO easy! And the starting line would have been great if I wouldn't have felt so bad. :)

  3. You felt miserable and still got an awesome time...I'm in awe of you, TRULY!

  4. Yeah, I still can't believe you ran a half marathon with the flu. AND posted that time!

  5. The goal isn't to make it TOO big. I have a family (I had a 4 week old new baby at the time of this race) and want to enjoy a Christmas holiday with them as well. My hope is to make it big enough to cover costs of police, renting cones, and hiring someone to place a bazillion cones on the roadways, and still leave some for the charity! I'm not out to do this to be rich and famous, LOL, or I would have never set a limit the first year, so I want to balance creating a fun event for the North Texas community that inspires activity while managing a balance with my beautiful wonderful family. :-)
    -- Lib