Monday, January 10, 2011

Look, we’re famous!

Guess who’s beautiful mugs made the website for The New Year’s Day Half Marathon? Serene, Lisa, and I, that’s who!

Check it out here.

Pretty cool, huh. And if you happened to read the comments on my last post then you would know that the race is going to be bigger next year. Bigger meaning that they will be able to go out on some streets. Meaning that there will be far less u-turns. Meaning yay! I'm pretty excited.


  1. Very cool that you're "famous".

    And so hilarious that the tune you're singing about this particular race has changed so quickly!


  2. Haha! My main issue with the course was the u-turns so I'm pretty happy that may not be a problem anymore. And I just felt AWFUL! It was hard to be happy about a race feeling that bad. :)

  3. LOL, glad it made your day. It was a great pic of the 3 of you. :-) I just put together a prelim 2012 course to discuss with the powers-that-be in the city for feasibility. It will be multiple months of back and forth to try to come up with something fun for runners and affordable at reasonable entry fees, but that's my goal!
    -- Libby, NYD Half Race Founder