Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wise words from the White Horse

I was reading a guest blog post on Outside Online today by Christopher McDougall (author of Born To Run) regarding his Top 4 Running Tips. I don’t think they are all super realistic for most of us but his number 1 tip, To Get Fast, Forget About It, is really good. It’s a lesson he learned from Caballo Blanco (the “White Horse”) and one we should all learn. I personally think Caballo is kind of a whacadoo (anyone who always refers to himself in the third person besides Elmo is a weirdo) but he’s smart and he knows running. Especially long distance running…

"The problem with most people is they only care about getting fast, and think that once they get fast, running will get easy. They got it backwards. First focus on getting easy, because if that's all you get, that ain't so bad. Once you can run easy, focus on light. Once you get light, focus on smooth. By the time you're easy, light and smooth, you won't have to worry about getting fast--you will be."

Caballo Blanco

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