Thursday, November 11, 2010

San Antonio RnR Half Marathon = Girls Weekend

I will run my 5th half marathon on Sunday - San Antonio Rock 'N' Roll. I am making the trip with Serene, Lisa, and Cassie - GIRL'S WEEKEND. My cousins Kelly, Christin, and Barrett will also be running the half marathon (it's Kelly and Christin's first). Chris, Roy, Meg, David (all running the full) and Dianna are all running as well. Did I leave anyone out? Because that is a LOT of people.

This is going to be SUCH a fun weekend. Getting to experience friends accomplish big goals. Getting away for a weekend. And the Expo. Let's not forget about the EXPO.

I signed up for this event ages ago before I realized that Dallas White Rock Marathon was moved up a week to Dec. 5th (4 weeks away). It's kind of put a kink in my training schedule and I've had to move my long miles up a few weeks. Because it's 4 weeks before my FIRST full marathon I don't want to go all out and push myself like a crazy person. But what do I do? Dad thinks I should run my race pace for the full. Should I? Or do I just go at a really comfortable pace and see where that takes me? I'd kind of like to run next to Kelly and Christin since it's their first...? Or do I treat it like I would any other training run? I don't know. And I may not know until the gun goes off. We'll see.

What I do know is that I am going to have a blast with my girls this weekend. Can't wait.


  1. Umm... don't be saying you're going to pace us and then BAIL on us?! Come on! If you want to take it easy... run with US. :)

    (That's my vote, anyway.)

  2. I mean, whatever you decide, is of COURSE fine. But you did just make my heart sink into my stomach a bit when I read this post. I've been thinking, "Oh, I don't need to freak out. Jessica will be there with me, and that will make it okay. She will encourage us when we need it and help us keep going!"

    (But yes. I will respect what you decide. Just at least help us navigate the start.)

  3. OK, that just made my decision...I definitely want to pace you and I will be right there with you the whole time. Everyone had me all stressed about how I should approach this race. Running with you is what I wanted to do in the first place so there. Whew. I feel better.

  4. Well. I DO know how hard it is to set aside the "competitive" part of our personalities... AND I know how it is to be freaked out about the BIG RACE (I know, because for me, this IS my BIG RACE!)... so. If you changed your mind again, or did something different at the last minute, I wouldn't blame you. And I would still love you, and I would still come cheer you on for White Rock!

    (But I'm selfishly happy that at least for now, running with us is your decision.)

  5. Me? Change my mind again? Never!

    No seriously...I'm running with you and Christin. This race is supposed to be fun and I was making it more than it should be. I always tend to do that. Sigh.

  6. Well, I'm coming in late to the conversation, but I'm pretty glad it ended up this way! I'm pretty nervous about having my first "group run" with 20,000 other people.

  7. Oh I like that..."group run"

    Yes, 20,000 is a bit much to be your first group run. It will be great!! Crowds and all. :)