Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dad, your head is really gonna swell.

Sunday's race brought back so many memories of races I went to with my Dad when I was younger. Obviously, just as a bystander then but the feeling was the same.  I haven't been to one of his races that wasn't a marathon in a long time. And since he's been out of the game for much more than a year because of knee surgery, Sunday was the first time I had seen him in his element in a while. With all his East Texas runner friends.  I actually think they were all a bit surprised to see him too. I heard numerous "is that Tony Collins?" and a few "Tony's back!" In fact several told me "that they could kiss first place good bye now that Tony Collins was running again." Another asked "if I knew my Dad was a legend?" Ha! Yes, I know. I know very well.  

Dad said "he isn't a legend. He is just able to outlast most folks." I don't know that I agree with that but it was fun to be around again. And now that I'm on the other side of it, not just cheering but a participant, I can appreciate it so much more.

Run Tony Run.


  1. I told him the other day that he is my idol now! You're so lucky that he is your dad! I would love a dad like him. You should be really proud and thank him for giving you the runner gene ;)It will be neat to see him come in at WR. I can't wait to cheer you both on!!!

  2. What a great post, Jessica. I love it!! Hey, even I have been proud to be able to say, "Yeah. Tony Collins is my uncle." What a guy!!

  3. P.S. Nice new countdown. When will you post about that one?

  4. Oh, gosh! I just read your blog. I just responded to the FB stuff. Now, I am really in tears.