Monday, October 11, 2010

2 hours and 15 minutes of hill training

Yesterday was the inaugural race for the Tyler Rose Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5k. Tyler has a great running community and this was great race. It was very well managed, volunteers were amazing, and the course was beautiful.

But that same beautiful course was the hardest course I've ever run. (Not that I've run that many but still...hardest ever.) Hilly doesn't even begin to describe it. I honestly don't really even know how to describe it. The hills were so steep and so long and there were SO many. SO MANY. They never stopped. Ever. 13.1 miles of hills. And the few downhill areas were so steep that you had to slow down for risk of hurting your knees. Or falling. It was tough.

My time was actually pretty decent considering - 2:15:54. I was running a 9:15 pace for the first 6 miles. I just kept waiting for the hills to end. There had to be just a few flat miles somewhere. They never came. By mile 7, I hit a wall. I just couldn't keep that pace anymore. By mile 11, I had tears streaming down my face. I have never wanted something to end more. The full marathon folks were passing us going the other way now. I must have looked bad because a guy running the full looked at me and said "You're almost done. Don't give up." Are you kidding me?! REALLY? I just got encouragement from a guy who's already run 17 or 18 of these hellish miles and he's telling me not to give up?! CRAP. I've got to suck it up. And I did. Kind of. I didn't finish strong but I finished. And I earned that 2:15:54. Not my best time but definitely not my worst. I am happy.

Will I run it again? Probably. I'm sure I'll forget how hard it was in a years time. Right?!

Dad and his 1st Place Age Group Medal

And what shoes did I choose to wear? The tried and true - Sauconys. I don't know if it was that right choice. The Newtons probably would have made those hills a little easier. Maybe.

And how am I feeling the day after? Pretty good. Muscles aren't too sore or stiff. I am completely surprised. I do have a weird pain in my groin though. Can girls even pull their groin? I don't know but I feel like I did. I'm sure I'll google it today, self-diagnose, then figure out how to fix it. No worries. ;)