Monday, September 20, 2010

Practice what I preach...

After our training miles on Saturday, I asked a fellow team member how it went. TEAM MEMBER: "OK, I guess. I'm not a runner like you guys. It took me forever." ME: "You're just as much a runner as anyone. We all ran the same amount of miles. We all crossed the exact same finish line. Time doesn't matter."

Whew. That's kind of introspective, right? Oprah would be so proud. It's brilliant really. Time doesn't matter. We are all running the same miles. So what if you finished way before me. We both get the exact same medal. Same braggin rights.


Wrong. Time does matter. It matters because we (the average & below average runner) are going to be out there running for 4, 5, or 6 hours on marathon day. You, Mister Elite, will be done in 2. You will have eaten, showered, and collected your money while we are still at the half way point. Time matters. It matters because I was not born to do this. I am not a natural and gifted runner. Yet, I continue to do it. I am going to be training for the better part of 5 months getting ready for this one grueling day. This day, that for you will be over in a couple of hours, but for me will take what seems like forever. Time totally matters.  

Daily Mantra:

Time matters

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