Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm done.

I have to stop spending money on running. No more. Seriously, Jeff is probably one pair of new shoes away from divorcing me. I wouldn’t even blame him. It’s ridiculous really. My obsession with running. I’m not even that good. I’m not horrible or anything. And I LOVE what I'm doing. I’m just not breaking any records. If I were breaking records, then maybe just maybe I could justify it all.

I remember saying when all this started that running was an inexpensive sport. That all you needed was a really good pair of running shoes. Except that you need shorts too. And shirts. And bras. And socks. And gels. And drinks. And bars. Oh and more shoes. They wear out. Fast.

And then there’s the registration fees. That’s what really has me all worked up. The fees. They are outrageous. Yet I can’t stop myself from signing up.

September 25 – Run/Walk to Break the Silence 5K
October 10 – Tyler Rose Half Marathon (Dad is trying to talk me into this one)
November 14 – San Antonio RnR Half Marathon
December 5 – Dallas White Rock FULL Marathon
January 1 – New Years Day Half Marathon
February 20 – Livestrong Austin Half Marathon

It’s enough already. I need to get a grip. I’m done. No more.

(So what am I gonna do when my shoes need replacing at the end of the month? Get new shoes, of course. Whatever.)

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  1. Ha! Wow, that's a lot of races, Jessica. And yes, the registration fees are RIDICULOUS! I'd register for more races if I could afford it, that's for sure.