Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Average is totally OK, right?

Went to happy hour last week with my TNT peeps. Some alumni. Some new. At one point during the evening, I got bombarded by a few certain someones about my potential and the ridiculousness of my marathon goal. Ridiculous meaning I'm not pushing myself enough. Meaning my under 5 hours goal is stupid. Meaning I'm not training to my potential. What? What are they talking about? I love to run. I love to compete in races. (I, of course, use the word compete lightly). But I will never be in the same category as these certain someones and I'm totally OK with that.

Except now I can't get it out of my mind. Like I should be trying harder. Running faster. Like I should quit trying to plan out my 26.2 miles now. When I have no idea what it's going to feel like to run those kinds of miles. But how do you do that? Do they not know me at all? I plan everything. And apparently I need to quit assuming that I'm going to need to walk some. But who doesn't assume that? Except them. And their super fast friends. And my Dad. And his super fast friends. BUT IT IS TWENTY SIX POINT TWO MILES PEOPLE. I mean, come on. But they seem to think they are going to whip me into shape before December. I'm not so sure.

Either way, thanks a lot for putting this in my head. I was completely happy being mediocre.

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