Monday, July 12, 2010

What goes up must come down...right?!

I train in and around Stonebridge. For those of you not familiar, Stonebridge is an area of McKinney. A very hilly area. A very very very hilly area. Saturday morning I woke up before anyone else (it was the first Saturday in ages that I didn't have to be somewhere). I threw on my running clothes and off I went.

I decided on an out and back 4 mile course that I use for hill training. I was just going to take it easy and see what I could do. The 2 miles out are straight uphill so the 2 back should be downhill. Right? Wrong. I don't know how it happens but there is never a downhill in Stonebridge. Ever. Even when you turn around and come down a hill you just went up. I know it seems ridiculous but I'm pretty sure the ground is shifting under my feet.

Daily Mantra:

Stupid hills will make me stronger.

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