Friday, July 30, 2010

For you Charlene...

It's been so hot out. And I can't seem to get motivated to run after Too Hot To Handle. It just took so much out of me. So Jeff and I joined a gym. My work pays for the membership so it's really ridiculous that we hadn't done it yet. We've been going a couple of weeks now. Jeff does the weights. I take classes. I actually love the classes. I'm kind of getting addicted to them. I love them all. Well, that's not totally true. It's more of a love hate relationship. But I do love to hate them....

So Serene and I went to what we thought was a normal lift class last week. With a normal instructor. But no. The normal instructor was out. And she was replaced by the Lift Nazi. I'm not even joking. He was this big Mr. T looking guy. Mr. T minus the mohawk but still. He walked around the room screaming. Screaming if you weren't lifting enough weights. Screaming if you were lifting too much. Seriously, there was no pleasing him. Towards the end of class he comes over to yell at Serene for not having her back down far enough. Or something like that. I'm not totally sure. I was just trying not to make eye contact with him. It didn't work. Next he's screaming at me because my legs aren't low enough. I swear if I had any strength left in me and I wasn't fighting back tears...I would have totally kicked him in the nay nays. Is that low enough for ya? Seriously.

And then to make things worse...we decided to take his spin class the next day. Apparently we liked being called out in front of the entire class. What?! I know. We are stupid. Oh but Spin Nazi is so much worse than Lift Nazi. So much worse. QUIT PEDALING IN THE BOX. YOU'RE ONLY AT A 4. YOU SHOULD BE AT A 7. I've never wanted to punch someone in the face more. Well, that's probably not true but I did want to hurt him. Bad.

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