Thursday, June 10, 2010

Houston, we have a problem.

I was originally going to name this post “Another reason to hate Houston” but decided that was a little dramatic. And Lord knows I am NEVER dramatic. And I guess I don’t really hate Houston. I just don’t love Houston. I blame any dislike for the city on Jeff. He’s the one that hates Houston and now it’s rubbed off on me.

That is until this happened…

Houston Marathon Committee Implements Lottery System for Marathon, Half Marathon Race Registration.
New approach gives runners equal opportunity to register for popular events

That was in the actual press release. Equal Opportunity? Really? Do really great concerts go to a lottery system because they sell out super fast? No. Of course not. Because it’s stupid. First come. First served. That is equal opportunity.

And yes, I know one of the greatest races in North America is on a lottery system – The New York City Marathon. But in the words of Tony Collins…”they ain’t no New York.” And they never will be. Plus New York has systems in place that allow for local runners. And charities. And not just the charity of New York’s choice. But several charities. They have MANY ways to get in that doesn’t only involve the lottery. AND THEY ARE NEW YORK. It’s different. Plain and simple.

Seriously pissed off at Houston Marathon. If I could somehow blame famine in third-world countries on them, I would. Not too dramatic, right? This race does not sell out because it’s the best race in Texas. It sells out because of the flat course and nice weather. You want a PR, run Houston. You want to qualify for Boston, run Houston. Mostly I’m just mad because it screws up my running plans. My friends and I had EVERYTHING planned out and now it’s all messed up. Stupid Houston. Again, dramatic. I know. And I’m sure I’ll get over it…eventually.

Disclaimer: I completely realize I have no real knowledge of the Houston or New York marathons. So technically I should not be spewing my uneducated opinions to anyone who will listen but whatever. I’m doing it anyway.


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  2. Dude, that is crazy!

    And you're not the only ones that hate Houston. Billy hates Houston too. HATES it. And that has run off on me some, too! I dislike Houston.