Sunday, May 2, 2010

Left it all on the course

Sooooo I ran my 3rd Half Marathon today. Heels and Hills Half Marathon in Irving. 2:12:46 was my official time. It's a personal record. I should be happy right? Right?

I am happy. Kind of. But I'm also pissed. It was such a strange race. Super small. Like 1700 people. Great course. Flat. Fast. Gorgeous. Small.

But the water stops were not ready. The Gatorade was watered down. I got dehydrated. I ranged from a 8:30 mile to an 10:41. I couldn't find my groove. It was weird. But I left everything I had on the course...I think.

Either way, my new goal is 2:05. Why? Because 2:10 is just too attainable. Have I said that before?



We look so be done.

Thank you Jeff for being the official photographer and go getter of things. We would not have made it without you.


  1. Will you please post those pics on FB? Thanks girl!

  2. Good grief, woman! 2:12 is amazing!!!!!!!! Well done. But sorry the race wasn't put together well. That stinks!

  3. It's so funny that you thought the race was small. :-) Our previous max in the 3 years prior was about 1250 entrants, and this year we were totally surprised by having almost 1700 entrants! So to us, this was HUGE! :-) It's all relative, huh? Congrats again!

    Libby, H&H Race Director