Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When did you realize you were a runner?

So I was reading this blog post on Runner’s World The Loop (running forum) yesterday. I’m sad to say that I waste a good portion of my day reading (and posting) about other people’s trials and tribulations on The Loop. Don’t judge.

Anyway, there was a post that caught my eye. ”What makes YOU a runner?” There were 50 or more responses. All so different yet all the same. The basic jest - we (runners) plan our lives around our running. It may be small plans or large ones but a plan just the same.

Is that what makes me a runner? Is it because I no longer make plans for Friday nights because I have a long run on Saturday mornings? Or is it that I drink half my weight in water everyday so I will always be hydrated? Or that I never put any food into my body now without thinking how it will affect my run? Or that I come home from work and immediately change into running clothes? Or maybe that I traded a really awesome date night with my husband for a new pair of running shoes (and was happy with my choice)? Or that I have a race this weekend and I’m already planning the next one?

Sure. I think all of the above makes me a runner. But mostly I think what makes me a runner, is that I run. Plain and simple.

The more important question is “When did you realize you were a runner?” It kind of sneaks up on you. But I know the moment. The exact moment. Do you? Mine was during an 8 mile run. 8 miles doesn’t seem like much now but at the time it was like the whole world. And I ran it. And I felt great. And I felt even better when I was done. I was a runner.

That’s when I knew. WHEN DID YOU KNOW??


  1. I know that I am not a runner. But I'd actually really like to be. I right now have no idea how to balance running with baby and husband and school and work. It's too much. Too much. Sad!

  2. Oh Girl!!!! If I can do it, you can do it! 3 jobs, 2 kids, husband, puppy, baseball, volunteer stuff, church stuff, school stuff. I just commit at least 45 minutes of my day to run. You could so that!!

    Besides, once a runner always a runner. It's just lying dormant right now.

  3. I always knew in my head and heart I was a runner. Ran sprints in high school. Always loved the feeling I got, just me and God and the road. Total clearing for me.
    But I think now after this past Saturday's 5K I can offically say I am a runner. Congrats on your time, and good luck on Heels and Hills.