Monday, March 15, 2010

Gotta step it up a notch

Yesterday was my 2nd Half Marathon. I was terrified. Seriously. I was not ready. Not prepared. I didn't get my training miles in. And the long miles I did get in were painful and hard. Again, I was terrified. Just the thought of it made me sick to my stomach.

It's hard to be out there that long and not be prepared. Hard. And I couldn't seem to look at it as a run I was just going to have "fun" with. Really, who CAN do that? It's not fun when you are not prepared. Again, hard.

So anyway, I don't know how it happened and I won't give you a mile by mile play by play but I felt great. From my first step to my last step. Great. It really was the strangest thing. I started running and just didn't stop. I did everything right. Took my Gel exactly when I was supposed too. Stayed hydrated. It was amazing. I was in shock. I keep waiting for the pain to set in. For the cramps to come. But they never did. Amazing.

The last 2 miles were my fastest. Crazy. I realized I was in reach of a 2:15 finish time. So I ran. Hard. Unfortunately, not hard enough - 2:16:45. So I was disappointed. I know it sounds nuts. I felt great. Made a new PR. But still disappointed. I wanted that 2:15 SO BAD!

So what do I do now? I start training again. Heels and Hills Half Marathon is on May 2nd. 7 weeks away. And what's my new goal?! 2:10 PEOPLE!! 2:15 seems to be really attainable so I've gotta step it up a notch.

Dallas Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon benefiting Susan G. Komen

I didn't wear my Team In Training purple yesterday. I was pink all the way. These 13.1 miles were dedicated to my SIL Amy Watkins. The pain. The fear. The race. The finish line. It's all minor compared to Amy's fight. Her race.


  1. Great blog and congrats on an awesome time girl! I thought about you guys yesterday and tracked your time. GO JESS!!

  2. You're awesome! Love you, Jess!