Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Crock Pot Incident

So I dropped a crock pot on my foot yesterday. Yep. A crock pot. How did it happen, you ask? Well......

I was up at the crack of dawn trying to throw together some dinner early since Tuesdays are always so busy. I'm walking from the cabinet to the sink, crock pot in hands, and I see on my phone that I've got 32 emails. 32!!!! So, very strategically, I balance the crock pot in one hand and check emails with the other. Why did I not just sit it on the counter? I have no idea. But next thing I know the crock pot is falling, I'm screaming, and the profanities begin. It's like 5:30am so everyone was asleep. Asleep until I woke them up with my craziness. Grant ran in to see what happened. I was in that I CAN'T TALK, I CAN JUST PACE BACK IN FORTH GRUNTING phase. But eventually everyone realized I wasn't dying and went back to bed.

It looks so much better today. The swelling has gone down and I can move it back and forth. So I don't think I broke it. It just hurts when I wear a shoe. I guess I'll go shoeless for a while. I'm sure work will love that.

For those who saw it yesterday, this is sooooo much of an improvement.