Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 122 - Happy Day

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! I ran with minimal pain on Tuesday. Woo Hoo! Now, don't get me wrong. It still hurt. But it is a tolerable hurt. I am a happy girl.

Does that mean all the bitchin and moanin I've been doing about physical therapy was unwarranted? Of course not. I totally deserve to bitch and moan. BUT I will admit that it is helping. That and the totally rockin new running shoes I got! They are rockin not because they look cool (because they do not) but because they feel so good. My PT insisted I go to Luke's Locker to get refitted for shoes. Apparently I was fitted incorrectly at Run On (I still love Run On so I don't want to knock them too bad. They were just wrong on this occasion). I have extremely flat feet, left being much flatter than the right, and I can not wear a neutral shoe. Which is exactly what I have been wearing.

Anyway, the flat arches and the wrong shoes are probably what caused this in the first place. Oh well. You live and learn. And I have learned. Maybe.

On to the run...5 miles. It was a slow 5 miles. I ran with Trinity, who runs intervals. It was really dark and I didn't have a partner that runs my pace. You guys know that I am not a fan of intervals but it wasn't so bad. I wanted to take it easy and this was a good way to do it. Plus it's nice to have the company. Unfortunately, she has been having ankle problems so it was a tough night for her.

Daily Mantra:

Take it easy


5 miles

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