Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 111 - Warning!!! Super Long (and boring) Post!

Time to play catch up again with my blog:

Day 109 - Wednesday, November 4

I had book club tonight but was determined to get my miles in this week. I was actually excited about my 4 miles today because my shins were feeling extremely good. Still lots of pain but not debilitating. So I took off around 5:00. OHHHHHH MY GOSH!!! The first step felt like my legs were literally breaking in half! Seriously. I'm not exaggerating. I stopped. I just couldn't run this way. Normally I would have pushed through the pain but this time I couldn't. It was awful. I walked a mile and then called it quits. My book club girls talked me into calling a doctor the next morning. I've been hesitant in going to have my shins looked at because, really, come on! Doesn't everyone get shins splints at some point in their training? And what if I'm told I can't run? I've only got 4 weeks until White Rock. I'm running now matter what.

Day 110 - Thursday, November 5

So I called Oasis Orthopedic & Sports Medicine first thing in the morning. I was insistent that if I was going to see a doctor then it had to be a someone in sports medicine and not just a regular orthopedic surgeon. Lucky me, they had a cancellation on Friday morning! Woo Hoo!

Soooo I was going to get my 4 miles in today no matter what. Plus I wanted my shins to be good and inflamed so the doc would know what I was complaining about. I took 4 ibuprofen and rubbed Icy Hot all over my legs before I set off. It was around 4:00 in the afternoon and extremely hot. The first mile is always hard. My legs hurt but I ignored them. Mile 2 - more pain. Mile 3 - even more pain. Mile 4 - PAIN! But I did it.

Day 111 - Friday, November 6

My appointment at the Sport Medicine place went well. My biggest fear was that I was going to have stress fracture in one of my legs. I do not. But I am on the way to having one if I don't get the inflammation under control. I knew that the doc would not bat an eye when I told him that I had been running with this pain for a month. He deals with athletes every day (not that I'm saying I'm an athlete, it's just that I have that mentality right now). He also did not bat an eye when I said that whatever we do I still have to run and can NOT cut back on my miles.

Soooooo what am I going to do for this:
  1. I start taking a steroid today to get a jump start on the swelling.
  2. Continue running.
  3. Take ibuprofen and stretch.
  4. Start Physical Therapy twice a week. (I hate physical therapy. I'm only going because the PT is a runner also.)

Now he also wants me to do some cross training to get some of the stress off my shins. I said ok but seriously doubt that I will be able too. I don't have access to in indoor pool or a stationary bike. And I am not going to join a gym just for that. Hopefully I can get some relief by doing the above.

Besides I only have to survive the next 4 weeks!! Of course I can't take too much time off after White Rock...The Dallas Rock 'N' Roll Half is in March!

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