Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 108 - Marathon Fresh Scent

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So I went to the grocery store today and on my list of many things I needed was deodorant. I am about to grab the regular plain ole Secret, which I have used for as long as I can remember, when I notice Secret Clinical Strength Sport - made for athletes by athletes. Aren't I an athlete? Maybe I should be using the Sport instead? THEEEEEN I notice it's Marathon Fresh Scent! What?! Ohhh I for sure need that! Totally!

Now what is Marathon Fresh Scent, you ask? Well, when I think of marathon scents, sweaty and stinky come to mind, but not necessarily fresh. Whatever. I'm super excited about my marathon deodorant and I'm pretty sure it's gonna make me run faster.

Now my running update (although it's not nearly as interesting as my deodorant update)...Tuesday Night Team Run! It was pretty uneventful, which is good I think. My shins were still giving me trouble. The left especially. But not enough to make me want to stop. I think that's a good sign. Maybe whatever I did to them is healing. I don't know...we'll see. It took me a little over 43 minutes to complete the 4 miles. Not bad.

Still super anxious about the 12 mile run this weekend. How should I go about it? Just run until I feel like I need a break? I don't know. 12 miles is a really long distance.

Daily Mantra:

Smell and run marathon fresh!!!


4 miles


  1. crack me UP! Marathon fresh scent...that is great...I will have to try it too! Maybe it will make me run faster :)

  2. You need to get some!!! I think it works!!