Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 91 - I am awesome.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I am the KING of the world!
We are the Champions, part 2
Who needs toenails?
I'm officially a runner.
Rock on!
Really?! Did I just do that?
I am awesome.

OK. So I had trouble deciding on a title for this post. Because seriously, I am the KING of the world! We are the champions. I am officially a runner. I will Rock on. And Really?! Did I just do that?

I decided on I am awesome. Because I am. That's right folks. No point in beating around the bush. I am awesome.

I ran 8 miles in 1 hour 28 minutes 53 seconds. WITHOUT STOPPING! Not 8 miles, running 1 mile intervals. Not 8 miles, taking a break of any kind. Just 8 miles. Running.

Again, I am awesome.

I felt great at mile 1, so I kept running. Same with mile 2 and 3. When mile 4 came around it was downhill. Who's gonna waste a good downhill run by walking? Then 5 and 6 went by. Mile 7 was tough. I wanted to stop. I knew if I did, I would never start up again. So I ran. When I saw that purple Team In Training tent up ahead, I ran harder. I did it. I am awesome.

I am still sore today. My calves are sore. My arms are sore. My neck is sore. I swear, even my face is sore. Tomorrow night is just 4 miles. I am sure I will still be sore. But ibuprofen is my friend. With him, I will make it through. Thank you ibuprofen.

Not so awesome though...I lost 2 toenails. Yep. It's disgusting but it just happens sometimes on long runs. My shoes are fine. My socks are fine. It's gross but it happens. I took pictures and will post them tomorrow. They really are disgusting so beware. I have this little bit of nail just hanging on but they're dead so they look all yellow and sick. I told you...gross. They were black from the blood all pooled up under the nail but that's gone now. Now I'm just left with the nastiness of the stubs. Goodbye open toed shoes. I will miss you.

Daily mantra:

Just run. Don't stop. Just run.


8.2 miles

Total Miles Run So Far:



  1. You seriously ARE awesome! WOW! Way to go! So proud of you!

  2. That's great Jessica! And as for the're in for a lifetime of them falling off...sorry, are now in the running club! :) Melissa D.