Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 75 - Goodbye friend

No real running update today. I haven't gotten the miles in this week that I needed too. Sick kids. Sick husband. It just wasn't meant to be. Tomorrow is a 6 mile run with the Team. I'm sure it will not be easy but I'll be glad to get back at it.

On a different note...

I wore heels this week. It was not good. I love heels. There was a time when you never saw me without them. This has been a lazy summer at the office. A jeans and flip flop summer. We had clients coming in on Tuesday so I had to be somewhat presentable. I grabbed a pair of my fav black pumps and ran out the door.

Ohhhh the pain! Seriously. My toes hurt. My heels hurt. I wanted to cry by the end of the day. But why? Because I have nasty runners feet now, that's why. I ran in the door and straight to my closet, throwing my shoes off in the process. Will they all hurt? Or is it just this pair?

They all hurt. I think maybe they've always hurt and I just put up with it before. Now I walk around worried if the blister on my toe is going to give me trouble during my long run. Ohhh what have I become?

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