Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 70 - Hello

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hello blog, old friend. I have missed you. I have been too busy and it has been too long. But enough with the excuses.

I am so behind. I didn't get enough miles in this week. It is my own fault. I will do better. That being said, here's what I did do...

I took Thursday night off. I was exhausted and just couldn't seem to get myself out there and run. That was mistake number 1. Friday was homecoming. I had to take off work because Grant got out of school at 12:00. Yes, they were released early for homecoming. This is Texas baby and everything revolves around high school football. Anyway, instead of running after I dropped Grant off at school, I went to the grocery store. Mistake number 2. Then comes Saturday. Normally Saturday is Team run but Jeff was working and I couldn't go. I'm especially bummed out because everyone was heading to Grapevine for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition's 5k in honor of our friend Lannie, ovarian cancer survivor and hero. Woo Hoo Lannie!

Jeff didn't get home until late on Saturday so I decided to run Sunday morning. Mistake number 3. I get up early Sunday and head out. My calves hurt so bad I can hardly take a step. What is going on? I'm tired of this. Does it ever get to a point when you are pain free? I run 3 miles then quit. It's all I can do. Why did I not take ibuprofen before I ran? Mistake number 4. It was not a good run. I sat with ice on my legs for an hour when I got home. I am frustrated.

And why can't I seem to do the same thing twice? Why do I have such a great and easy run, then 4 days later hardly be able to move? Again, I am frustrated.

So today is a new day (thank you Chicken Little). I will start over. Not think about the crappy week I just had. Do you think it will work?

Daily Mantra:

Why ohhh why?


3 miles

Lovely picture of Lannie's Ladies! What an inspiration! You go girls!

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