Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 37 - Tuesday Aug. 25 - Oh Tuesday, I hate you so...

I do. I really hate you Tuesday. It's 95 degrees. It's humid. It's miserable. I hate it. Bane of my existence, hate it. Really? Bane of my existence? Did I just write that? OK, so I'm being a tinsy bit overdramatic. But I totally felt that way last night. Bane.Of.My.Existence.

On to the run...I said previously that I needed to start pushing myself a little more. Remember that? Yeah, I do. Why did I push myself on a Tuesday? The day that I hate so much? Because I'm stupid, that's why. I ran 1.5 miles before I stopped for my 1 minute walk. I actually felt great. Really proud of myself. Then it was time to run again. Ohhhhh the exhaustion! I couldn't make myself go. I yelled. I screamed. I pleaded. But nothing made me want to run. At that point I started running 3/1 intervals. It was all I could do to keep moving. And I had to keep moving. I had to get back somehow. And the really crappy thing is that when I was done, I wasn't ready to die. I didn't need to walk as much as I did. Makes me so mad!!!

Daily Mantra:

Only 1.5 miles left. You can do it.
Only 1 mile left. You can do it.
Only 0.5 miles left. You can do it.
Just do it!!!


3 miles


  1. Some days are harder than others! Just do it is the best damn slogan out there, because it really does work! Unless someone is going to come and rescue you on a golf cart, you have to haul your tail back to where you start :)You rock, remember that!

  2. Chris! You are so right!! Although that golf cart thing isn't a bad idea :)