Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 34 - Saturday Aug. 22 - GO TEAM!

TEAM RUN!! Saturday Team runs are always the best...kind of.

Adine, another mentor, shared her personal story this morning. Her dad's battle and eventual loss with leukemia motivated us all. He was funny, loving, and inspirational. Another reason to run. Another reason to stop whining.

Since I had not run for 2 days, the 3 miles we had to run today made me a little nervous. I ran mile 1 in just over 10 minutes. Not so bad. I walked for 1 minute then ran the remainder of mile 2 in about 10 minutes. Again, I walked for 1 minute. Mile 3. Oh mile 3. I was starting to feel the burn. At about 2.5 miles I just couldn't go anymore. I stopped to walk. After about 30 seconds I snapped out of it. What am I doing? I only have half a mile to go. Quit being a baby and RUN!!! So I ran.

I'm trying not to beat myself up about today's not so great run. Tomorrow is a new day.

Daily Mantra:



3 miles

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