Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 33 - Friday Aug. 21

Here I go or run. Do you see a pattern? I actually blame this one on Meet the Teacher night at Grant's school. It drove me to drinkin'.

Technically today was supposed to be a rest day, but since I decided to have wine with a friend last night, I needed to run 2 miles tonight to make it up. I know, I know. We are supposed to run the schedule. Not do make up nights. Whatever. I'm never going to follow the rules. Anyway, my plans were to go to Meet the Teacher at 5:00, then run. BUT Meet the Teacher was a beating. Honestly! First we were sent an email to promptly be there at 5:00. So we were...everyone. Every parent. Every student. Problem was the doors were locked. So they had us stand in a single file line waiting to get in. This line was so long it wrapped around the school. I'm talking Six Flags line long. And it was hot. 95 degrees hot! And we had no shade. No water. We didn't know we would be standing in line for 45 minutes waiting to get in. When we finally entered the building, I realized the hold up...the new principal was greeting each student personally as they came in. Great idea in theory. In reality not so much. By the time we got to "meet" the teacher, we were all in such a bad mood, that we just wanted to go home.

OK, so I went on a little too long about that but I just wanted you to understand why I chose hanging out with Trinity drinking a glass of wine instead of running 2 miles.

Daily Mantra:

Wine is always a better choice.


Yet again, 0 miles

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