Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30

So I didn't run while in New York. It was just too difficult to find the time, a safe place (meaning somewhere I wouldn't get lost), and the energy. This is what I did do...

Day 25
Run up & down subway stairs. Walk several blocks the The Empire State Building. Up & down subway stairs. Walk up and down 2 flights of stairs to The Roosevelt Tram. Up & down subway stairs. Walk all over Grand Central Station. Up & down subway stairs. Collapse.

Day 26
Up & down subway stairs. Walk across Battery Park. Up 354 stairs to the crown of The Statue of Liberty. Down 354 stairs at The Statue of Liberty. Walk all across Liberty Island. Up & down subway stairs to walk down The Seaport. More subway stairs and walking to FAO Schwarz. More walking. More subway stairs. Collapse.

Day 27
Subway stairs. Walk all over Central Park Zoo. Walk through park. Again, subway stairs. Walk down Broadway and Time Square. Sit for 3 hrs during Billy Elliot. Feet are thankful. Walk to Toys R Us. More subway stairs. Walk around Rockefeller Center. Elevator to 67th floor. Feet are thankful again. Oh but wait! You can walk up to the 69th and 70th floor. More stairs. Plus more subway stairs and walking to get home. Collapse.

Day 28
Walk to Central Park. Walk up steps at Belvedere Castle. Walk down steps. Climb on rocks. Walk through park. Walk to The American Museum of Natural History. Walk through museum. Museum is huge. Sit down for 30 minutes at Hayden Planetarium. Feet are thankful again. Walk around museum some more. Walk back home via Central Park. Get talked into stopping to play at a playground. Climb some more rocks. More subway stairs and walk home. Collapse.

Day 29
Walk to Central Park. Try to find carousel. Go the wrong way. Back track a mile through the park to find it. 5 minutes on the carousel. Feet are not happy. Rest was not long enough. Climb rocks. Watch Grant climb rocks. Now feet are happy. Run to catch bus to Serendipity's. Take a 2 hour lunch. Feet are elated. Go to Bloomingdale's. Feet are not happy. Neither is wallet. Up & down subway stairs to get home. Collapse.

Day 30
Took a car to the airport. Feet smiling. Sat for several hours on plane. Kiss Maggie. Kiss Jeff. Collapse.

So I didn't officially run but ohhhh I did so much more. Don't ya think?

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