Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 24 - Running with my Dad

So I'm a bit behind on my blogging because of vacation but I am going to try to catch up. (Beats actually doing work while in the office)...

Day 24 was on Wednesday, August 12th. My Dad was in town to watch Maggie so we ran together. Those who don't Dad is a runner. Like a real runner. This year will be his 20th year to run White Rock.

We set out for my 3 mile run around 9:00pm.

"Where's your light?" Dad says

"I don't have a light. All I have is exactly what I'm wearing." says me

"Take this." shaking his head. Of course he had an extra. He has an extra everything.

And we were off! I ran the first mile in just under 10 minutes. Walked a block. Then ran the second in about 10 minutes also. Walked a block. 3rd mile I was losing it some. I was tired and I wanted to stop. Dad..."If running were easy, they'd call it football." OK. I can do this. Dad again..."If running were easy, they'd call it baseball." Funny. "If running were easy, they'd call it golf." That one I actually agreed with.

Anyway, I did it! My 3rd mile took my a little over 10 minutes. The pace was a little slower but I did it! Woo Hoo.

Daily Mantra:

Don't look stupid in front of Dad.


3 miles

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