Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 22 - Same Old Same Old

Not much new happened tonight. I ran 2 miles again. Pretty much the same way I did last night. I really tried to work on my form. Head up. Shoulders back. Picking up my feet properly. It seemed to help out quiet a bit. I ran my first mile in 10:17. Second mile 10:27. I imagine that I will try to stay right around a 10 minute mile from this point on. After all, I am going to have to run 13 of them.

My route is up Charlotte to Virginia Hills. Follow Virginia Hills to Norfolk and then back around to my house. That is exactly 1 mile. I tell you this not because I think you will know any of these streets but because the corner of Norfolk & Virginia is the halfway point in my mile. My goal is to just get to Norfolk, then it's smooth sailing. Once I'm halfway there, I know I can go all the way.

Daily Mantra:

Just make it to Norfolk.


2 miles

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