Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 18 - Rest

So technically today was NOT supposed to be a rest day, but Day 16 was supposed to be a rest day and we all know I didn't follow those directions. But I am following directions from this point on!! After talking with the coaches and my dad, I decided that I needed to give my knee a break after having problems again here. And it worked! I stayed off my knee all day yesterday (within reason, of course) and iced it off and on. I totally feel like a new person today! I still feel a tinge of something there but the dull ache is gone. Dad was was just a bit of inflammation. My body is not used to exercise and I think it was just freaking out. We will see after 2 miles tonight.

On a different note...I've gained 3 pounds! 3 pounds people! And don't try to tell my that muscle weighs more than fat because there is no way have I made 3 pounds of muscle in 2.5 weeks! Come on!! I am so pissed! Really! What's the point in killing myself if my butt is not going to get any smaller? ARGHHHHHHH!


  1. No mantra today? The mantra is my favorite part!

  2. Hahaha. I don't really have to push myself on rest days so no mantra needed. Although, I did say to myself "3 freakin pounds?! Really?" about 50 times, so technically that was my mantra. Not very inspiring though.