Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 15 - Sunday

Sunday is our day to relax and recover from the Saturday group run. We are to remain active but not run. I cleaned the house and then took Grant school clothes shopping. The Allen Outlet was crowded, hot, and an all together beating. Grant hates shopping. Maggie hates shopping. And I hated both of them by the time I was done. (Ok, so I'm kidding...kind of). Point is, I was active.

Today, Monday, is supposed to be a rest day. I'm going to run. I feel great and I don't want to take another day off. It's too hard to get back in the groove of things. Plus, Tuesday is "sprints and hills" night with the group. I don't want to attempt that with 2 nights off in a row. I may be shooting myself in the foot, but I doubt it.

Picture of the Co.Co. Moms first day if training

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