Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 9 - Rain Dance

Rain. Rain. And more rain. I can't get motivated. It's been raining off and on all day. How can I run when it's pouring down? I'll tell you how. You JUST DO IT! Get off your LAZY butt and RUN! Water isn't going to kill you!

So I did it. At 9:00pm I set off. I was NOT coming home until I ran 2 miles. No ifs, ands, or buts! I'm doing it! The first half mile was great. I was hardly winded. It was barely sprinkling, just enough to keep me cool. Perfect! I can totally do this! I'm still doing the run/walk thing so after half a mile, I walked for 1 minute, ran another half mile, then walked 1 minute, and so on. I was just about to walk after my 3rd half mile when the bottom dropped out. It was pouring! I stuffed my iPod down my shirt and RAN!!! Ran as fast as I could! After about a minute I couldn't see anymore. The rain was so bad that my contacts wouldn't stay in place. I was only a half a mile from home but I COULDN'T SEE! So I just kept running and prayed that I didn't trip and face plant into the concrete. Or worse, stumble in the road and get flattened by an oncoming car. Seriously people, it was that bad.

I made it. When I staggered up to the house, Jeff was getting in the car to come find me. I'm glad he didn't because I MADE IT! I DID IT! And I have to say, that was the best run I've had yet. I felt great when I made it home. Really proud of myself.

Daily Mantra:

(This is a good mantra. Thanks Nike. I'm sure I will use it again.)


2.4 miles!