Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 4 - I can do this!

Today was a good day! I went to Run On for some new shoes. Mine were starting to rub a blister on my right toe. Not good if I intend on keeping this up...and I do. Trin and I ran around the park tonight. I felt good. Still panting most of the way. Muscles still hurt. Still feel motivated.

Daily Mantra:

I can totally do this!


2.1 miles

I totally look like a runner now. Right?


  1. Yea! Great job!!!!

    Now, are you going to find a way to run while you're in NYC?

  2. I'm going to try. I'm a little worried. We will be doing so much walking, I hope that if I just get a small run in at least 2 days, I'll be good.