Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dallas 13.1 Marathon

The inaugural race of the Dallas 13.1 Marathon series was this morning. I've been pretty excited for this race. I've been feeling great lately and just wanted to enjoy the day.

As excited as I was I still did pretty much everything wrong yesterday. I completely forgot I had a race the next day during lunch out with the office. I ate a huge thing of red beans and rice. Not really race friendly. And I didn't eat dinner until super late that night. AND maybe the worst of all...I didn't plan may race outfit until about 10:00pm. I blame it on the fact that it was a Saturday race. It completely threw me off.

Anyway, I was up at 4:50am. Out the door to meet Serene at 5:30am. And we were off by 5:50am. We arrived at the race around 6:20am. Plenty of time for a 7:30am start, right? Well, no. We tried to park in the free parking designated on the website but it was full. We opted for a public lot that was $5. We parked and walked over to the place where you used to stick your $5 in the little slot. Remember when you used to have to do that? Well, now they have a little ATM looking machine where you pay. And the line. OH THE LINE. It was longer than any porta potty line you could imagine. But no big deal. We had over an hour before the start. Except it took 50 minutes to get through that line. And all the lots around had the same line so moving the car wasn't an option. We finally paid and ran to the start. Luckily it was super close. BUT. We had to make a porta potty stop. Had to. So we got in another line. And in that line we heard the gun go off and watched the race start without us. But we had no choice. There was no way we could start a race without a porta potty stop.

So we started 5 minutes later than everyone else. They were actually closing the gate to the start when we approached. That has to be the first time I've started a race with no crowd around me. It was strange.

For the first 2 miles Serene and I just ran. Fast. We knew how stupid it was but we couldn't stand the idea of being so far behind. Our first couple of miles were in the 8:30ish pace. Stupid. But we just kept going. We didn't keep up that 8:30 pace but we stayed pretty fast. And we ran the entire race together. Had the most hilarious conversations. It was a great time. The last couple were hard. We paid for the quick start but we made it. And when we were in the final shoot I looked at my watch and realized that I had about 60 seconds left to still PR. So we sprinted. FAST. It must have been pretty funny to watch us coming in that fast. It was crazy. But we both PR'd so it was a pretty great day.

I can't wait to see the official race picture. In the mean time here are the only 2 pics I have of the day...

Offical time: 2:08:13

23 seconds faster than RnR Dallas last March

Holy Hills Batman

It's been 2 weeks since I actually ran The Tyler Rose Half Marathon. I figured it's time to finally do my race recap since I ran another race today. Did I mention that I was crazy busy?

Tyler Rose 2010 is still to this day the hardest course I have ever run. I can't say that I was super nervous about this year's race. Unlike last year I knew what to expect and I knew how to pace myself for those horrible horrible hills. And I did. I was extremely comfortable the entire race. The hills were hard but not miserable. I was kind of in that zen place where you think about everything in your life besides the running. It was nice.

The course changed a bit from last year. We started and finished in the Tyler Rose Garden which was beautiful. I thought for a second that this course might have some worse hills than last year but I don't think so. I just think they were longer. Again this year the race was extremely well organized. Loved every minute of it. I read another friends blog who ran the full and had the exact opposite feeling about how things were put together. It's always interesting to me how different our perspectives can be on the same event. But again, I loved it.

Course Elevation 2011

Course Elevation 2010

Bit of a difference in elevation :)

Annnnd some pics from the day...

Official Time: 2:14:50.

A few seconds faster than last year I think.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Too Much

I am so unbelievably behind with posting. I would say things have been crazy busy around here but aren't things crazy busy for everyone? Probably. But still...IT'S BEEN CRAZY BUSY.

I've often thought about doing a whole day in the life post but thought that would make it sound like I'm complaining. Which I'm totally not. My crazy busy life has been brought on by myself. I could give something up but my first thoughts are of giving up my job. Or I should say jobs. But that really won't work because, you know, I like to eat. And have a place to live. And lord knows I'm not giving up my kids stuff. Or my running stuff. Or Team In Training stuff. And my husband's not gonna give up any of his stuff. Mostly cause his stuff is work stuff too.

So here we are. Crazy busy.

I'm gonna try to play a little catch up so you know what's going on in my running world (cause I know you care) and my Team In Training world.

Two weeks ago the family (minus Jeff because he was in class becoming the worlds best teacher) ran a 5K to benefit Heroes For Children. I love this organization. If you ever have to chance to help them out, donate, or participate in one of their events - DO IT. Cancer sucks but cancer in children is just about the worst thing ever.

Grant ran next to his friend (Serene's son) Dalton and I pushed Maggie in the jogging stroller ( stroller). Right before the finish I parked the stroller next to a very nice cop who watched it for me and Maggie and I raced to the finish. It might have been the cutest thing ever. CUTEST. EVER.

This weekend is The Tyler Rose Half Marathon. Do you remember when I ran this one last year. I believe I said it was the hardest race I've ever run. Well I've run many races since that one and it's still the hardest I've ever run. I should be a bit nervous going into it. At least last year I had NO idea the hell that was about to be upon me. This year I am fully aware. And coming off that dreadful performance I had at Plano Balloon Half. But I'm not. I'm kind of looking forward to it. I don't plan on trying to break any records. I just plan on trying to have fun. Really.

No, I mean it.

Now a bit of TNT news...starting November 19th I will officially be coaching the Spring Marathon team. Woot Woot. I accepted with a few mixed feelings. First, that means I will be leaving the winter team early. This team is SUCH a great team. All teams are great but sometimes you just have a group that is amazing...and this is one of those groups. Second, I probably need a break. And so does my family. Instead of being done in January, I won't be done until the end of April. That's a lot of Saturdays.

But it's Team In Training. And I love Team In Training. So that wins over all else.

Come join us in Madrid or Dallas and raise money for a GREAT cause.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Great Race / Bad Run

Not exactly sure how to start this race recap. I have such mixed feelings about it.

This was the first year for The Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon. And it was SO well-organized. A great race. The volunteers were amazing. The course was tough but very pretty. With the race entry you received a New Balance tech shirt, free VIP parking, two free tickets to the festival, food from Central Market, and were supposed to see the balloons launch right before the start. Unfortunately, the weather prevented this from happening. Pretty great swag for a first time race right? Pretty great swag for any race really.

The mixed feelings came from my misery. I've been feeling sick all week and woke up Friday with severe back pain. Went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a pretty bad kidney infection. I probably shouldn't have run. But, of course, I did.

I was OK for a while. The first few miles weren't too awful bad. But then my back started hurting. And I couldn't seem to get past it. Serene and Dianna caught up with me around mile 8. And I lost them around mile 10. I just couldn't seem to make myself go. At about mile 10.5 I was defeated. It's a horrible feeling. Knowing the exact second you gave up. But I felt it. I knew I had given up and there was no coming back from it. I was miserable.

But I finished. Barely. And with a new personal worst.

I have Tyler Rose Half in 3 weeks. It's the toughest course I've ever run. Way harder than today. I've got to put this one behind me quick or Tyler will eat me up and spit me out. 

At least I look happy in the pics from the day...

Before the race with Serene and my Dad.

Again pre-race...with Serene and Dianna.

We were in serious porta potty heaven. They were everywhere. And mostly clean. With toilet paper. And no lines. I swear I heard angels singing every time I walked up to one.

After the race. That's a fake smile.

With my kids. Again, fake smile.

Dad won 2nd in his age group. Pretty awesome.

Friday, September 16, 2011

So it goes.

I've been having one of those weeks. Actually one of those 2 weeks. You know the kind. The kind where it's just one thing after another. And another. And another. So it goes.

Kurt Vonnegut don't sue me for stealing your stuff but that's how it felt. This happened. So it goes. That happened. So it goes. But WAIT this happened too. So it goes.

Anyway...I've got a half this weekend. The Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon. I can't say that I'm totally excited about it since I haven't really run since last weekend. I feel like I'm getting sick. And whatever else complaint I can come up with. BUT the weather is cooler and I'm excited about that. You also get a pretty cool NB tech shirt. That's almost worth it right there. And the medal is really cool.

OK, so that makes it totally worth it. I'll let you know how it goes...

Saturday, August 27, 2011


In complete Tony Collins fashion, I crashed and burned during my morning run today. (Yea, that's right Dad. I called you clumsy.) I tripped on a rise in the sidewalk and pretty much fell flat on my face. Well, not my face but...

my knee...

and my shoulder...

and my hand...

annnnnd my iPod.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So Fitting...

Winning has nothing to do with racing. Most days don't have races anyway. Winning is about struggle and effort and optimism, and never, ever, ever giving up.

Amby Burfoot

If you get emails from Runner's World then I'm sure you already read this today. But with the new season of Team In Training about to start, I just thought it was so fitting. We run to raise money to end cancer. But we also run for those who can't. For those who never ever give up the fight to live.

So very fitting.